Sunday, 9 December 2012


Sat.24 July
Jenn and I decided to go for something to eat. I looked up the guide book and the restaurant that I chose was a revolving one. Once we stepped outside the hotel into the madness of the dug up streets we looked around and could see what looked like a revolving restaurant above the sky line. It was a great place. There were wooden signs pointing to the different landmarks on the city scape, so as you sat there revolving you could appreciate the sights. My favourite was a temple which had cascading ribbons of light pouring down from the top and around about it. It looked like a waterfall of light.
As we walked back to the hotel Jenn said she wondered about all the dogs lying about on the broken pavements and road ways - were they dead or just sleeping. I said I thought they were probably sleeping - otherwise there would be a terrible smell!
The population of Delhi is 14 million - in an area of only 1,483 square km. That is roughly 9,440 people per square kilometre! The population of Islay is 3,400 - in an area of 620 square kilometres. That is roughly 5 people per square kilometre.
One of the best things in the buildings is that they have high celings, even if the room is quite small. I think this is due to the ceiling fans though, because if the ceilings were any lower there would be some terrible disasters.

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